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Yoga is the way to eternal peace

Whatever is happening in this world with regard to you, all that is taking place according to the definite place of a merciful, loving and just God, under his own auspicious dispensation. He is gracious, hence from the mainspring of his holy dispensation ever flow the waters of bliss. In every calamity, every adversity, illness, defeat, and what more, even in death. His benevolence is complete. When you cultivate this faith, you will at once gain peace.

God is your greatest friend; he is omniscient as well as almighty. You have no well wisher equal to or greater that he, none who knows wherein lies your true good, none who can contribute to your true happiness. When you cultivate this faith, you will at once gain peace. It is the union or Yoga, which leads to eternal peace.

Misery, dissatisfaction and sin, all these are rooted in desire. The root of desire lies in the attachment. And the root of attachment lies in the sense o mineness with reference to the gross body and name. Regarding yourself merely as an instrument in the hands of God, if you renounce desire, attachment, myness and self-love i.e. Yoga is the way to eternal peace.

So long as you remain identified with, or attached to objects, actions, and fruits of actions, your mind will not be free from desire, nor can you renounce the fruits of actions. daarom, when realizing the glory of the Lord’s divine state, you renounce my-ness, attachment as well as desire, i.e. Yoga is the way to eternal peace.

So long as your mind continues to wander among worldly objects and keeps running away from God, you will neither know peace nor attain happiness. But when intensifying your spiritual practice, you succeed in exercising control over the mind and engage it in the meditation of god, you will at once gain peace.

The practice of sin is extremely bad; but so long as man continues to regard sin as a deadly evil, he repents when he is compelled by circumstances to commit a sin, and tries to avoid sinful acts, and finally concluding that God alone is the savior and supreme refuge, he calls aloud for God, the protector of the helpless, the redeemer of the fallen.

For the repentant sinner, the Lord’s doors ever remain open. Taking such a sinner under his own protection the Lord makes his own, and the moment he does, so, the sinner gets purified of sin, and becoming a virtuous soul, attains eternal peace. daarom, depending wholly on God, if you also take to the practice of Bhajana, you will at once gain peace.

Without knowledge of the truth about God, man can never cross the ocean of misery. For the attainment of this knowledge, the first indispensable requisite is faith. Faith brings exclusive devotion to spiritual practice, and exclusive devotion to practice brings control over the senses. daarom, when you develop faith in the living being, and in the fact that the knowledge of the divine being is attainable by a sadhana and, nog een keer, in your own qualification to attain the same, you will attain that knowledge and will at once gain peace.

Exclusive surrender to God is such a glorious spiritual practice that it at once liberates man from every form of sin and distress, and makes him qualified for the attainment of supreme peace. daarom, relinquishing dependence on all other sources of hope, all other supports, surrender yourself wholly to the Lord and thereby you will at once gain everlasting, i.e. Yoga is the way to eternal peace.

How to sack suffering and sorrow:

Why are you wasting this invaluable human existence like a blind man stumbling against obstructions here and there; why suffer from restlessness day and night persecuted by your sorrow?

All the eight watches of the day and night you sigh for happiness; whether asleep or awake, all the while you go on fluttering in your error, but have your discovered happiness anywhere? Taking to be the source of happiness, whatever you seek to clasp to your bosom scorches you with the heat of sorrow.

Wherever you may imagine happiness to lie, you strike against the rock of sorrow and get yourself bruised and your bones were broken. In honor, roem, welvaart, authority over men, wife or husband, and children have you discovered happiness anywhere? In none of these, you have found it. Everywhere you experience nothing but sorrow and suffering, nothing but fear and worry. Will happiness be found, dan, if you retire altogether from association with these?

But where will you retire? Wherever you go, you will meet with the same experience. Therefore it is not necessary to retire.
What is necessary is to realize the truth that supreme happiness lies only in God, and that God is everywhere, every moment and in every respect complete by himself.

When you will realize this truth, you will begin to see God in every place, in every moment of time and in all circumstances, whether favorable or unfavorable. Then alone you will realize true happiness, by finding God all around you, and in every moment of your life.

The reason why you are getting so helplessly scorched and burnt by the world’ heat why everywhere you see nothing but the naked dance of destitution, angst, leed, and destruction is that you see the world as void of God. Wherever God is imagined to be nonexistent, it is there that destitution, angst, leed, and destruction come marching along with all their terrible troops and establish their camp. You can’t get out of the ring of these enemies, unless knowing God to be present everywhere, complete by himself, you actually realize him.

God is everywhere present, daarom, he is your eternal companion. Observing him, make yourself happy for all time. You can do this. Being the very embodiment of truth you possess in ful the right to realize truth. Truth is in fact,your very self.


EEN. Bharadwaj
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EEN. Bharadwaj

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EEN. Bharadwaj
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